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generic-setup is a script called during the installation phase which copies the OSCAR binary packages which correspond to a particular distribution into the OSCAR package repository.

generic-setup is currently also the standard way to organize binary packages belonging to an opkg in the opkg directory. Starting with OSCAR 5.0 only this directory structure is acceptable for opkgs and prereqs! The structure is (relative to the OSCAR package directory):

 SRPMS/               : source rpms location (not used by the code)
 distro/common-rpms/  : RPMs which are common to all RPM based distributions
 distro/$CDISTRO$VERSION-$ARCH/   : RPMs specific to the distribution $CDISTRO
                                  : with version $VERSION, on architecture $ARCH
 distro/common-debs/  : debian packages common to all debian related distros (not
                      : supported, yet)

The distribution name $CDISTRO is the distro name recognized by OSCAR, i.e. the so called compatible distro name (see OS_Detect). The compatible distro names known do OSCAR are listed in the table below. They have been chosen to be short strings in order to keep the distro/ subdirectory overseeable.

real distro compat distro
RedHat EL AS/ES/WS rhel
CentOS rhel
Scientific Linux rhel
Mandriva mdv
Mandrake mdk
Fedora Core fc
Debian debian

The introduction of generic-setup was very important enabling OSCAR to support multiple distributions. The structure allows the splitting of OSCAR into distro-independent and distro-specific tarballs (not implemented, yet).

generic-setup invocation

This should not be needed as it is done through other OSCAR components.

Usage: generic-setup [options] [pkg1 pkg2 ...]

  Scan the distribution specific directories distro/\$distro\$version-\$arch
  and the common directory (distro/common-rpms) for best packages for
  current or specified architecture (or noarch). Either copy the package
  files to the OSCAR package repository (/tftpboot/rpm) or delete them
  from there.

  If package names are passed as arguments, actions are limited to these

  When copying in packages, if a file named \$pkg.txt exists, it will be
  displayed in the STDOUT of the command as comment.

   --arch|-a      : override locally detected architecture
   --distro  D-V  : compatible distro-version string. The "-" is used for splitting! 
   --erase|-e     : erase packages with same name from package pool
   --help|-h      : display this help text
   --pool|-p path : override setting of package pool path
   --test|-t      : just test without really copying or erasing files
   --verbose|-v   : verbose printout


generic-setup was introduced by EF during OSCAR 4.2 development.

generic-setup has been stripped of package version comparison functionality. It might make sense to re-introduce this or add it to install_prereq.

generic-setup format is mandatory for OSCAR 5, it is called by install_prereq and opkg-copy.