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Maintenance of ODA

More functionality needs to be added to the OSCAR[[BR]] installer requires more complex database queries and needs to store more[[BR]] detailed configuration parameters. ODA facilitates good management of[[BR]] subroutines to make them simpler, to enable better search of[[BR]] subroutines, and to allow easier maintenance. Some ideas to manage the[[BR]] database modules (including and in a[[BR]] systematic and organized way follow:[[BR]]

Naming Rule[[BR]] As the current database modules use, having get prefix for query[[BR]] and set prefix for update makes it easy to differentiate the two[[BR]] database functionalities: query and update. The suffix with with__[[BR]] and the arguments for the _WHERE clause enables the expansion of[[BR]] the basic getter or setter subroutines. It would be more convenient[[BR]] for developers if subroutines were placed consistently.[[BR]]

Specialized module[[BR]] As OSCAR expands its area with various OSCAR sub-projects, the modules[[BR]] of ODA will have to take care of more functionality and configurations[[BR]] of the OSCAR main frame, including additional features of the OSCAR[[BR]] sub-projects. The ODA modules will be more complicated and confusing if[[BR]] all the additional funcationality for the sub-projects is added to the[[BR]] main ODA modules. So, the new features for the sub-projects would need[[BR]] to be in a different module file in order to differentiate from the main[[BR]] ODA modules. On the other hand, having another directory for all the new[[BR]] module files for the sub-projects would make the ODA module more[[BR]] organized and keep it simpler. For instance, OSCAR Package Manager (OPM)[[BR]] is one of the new features of OSCAR and uses the immense database queries[[BR]] to manage the installation of OSCAR package more flexibly according to[[BR]] the user’s needs. If OPM is ready to go to the current OSCAR framework,[[BR]] the database module for only OPM would be named as[[BR]] and be located under the new directory,[[BR]] Database, for only OSCAR sub-projects or additional ODA modules.[[BR]]