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OSCAR Database API (ODA)

ODA is an OSCAR Database API to make it easy for users to use the OSCAR[[BR]] database. When using ODA, there is no need to know how to connect the[[BR]] database or determine what its schema look like. ODA deployed on the[[BR]] OSCAR Subversion trunk uses Perl modules to connect, update, and query[[BR]] the database. Also, all the database subroutines for the end users are[[BR]] defined in a single Perl module, which is a collection of database[[BR]] subroutines and does the intermediate work between back-end database[[BR]] (e.g., MySQL) and OSCAR installation.

OSCAR installation is implemented by performing numerous[[BR]] configurations to setup the order of installation and to install the[[BR]] OSCAR packages.

What can ODA do?[[BR]] These configurations are not only for setting up the OSCAR framework,[[BR]] including a base library of internal functionality, but also for the[[BR]] installation of OSCAR packages which are well known as an HPC tool. The[[BR]] OSCAR framework is the main process of the OSCAR installation, which[[BR]] makes the installer proceed from one step to the next. During[[BR]] installation of OSCAR, the configurations need to be stored, queried,[[BR]] and updated to manage the full OSCAR installation. ODA offers a place to[[BR]] store the configurations and has been designed to query and update OSCAR[[BR]] data, including the configurations resulting from installation.[[BR]] In particular, ODA does the following:

  • Connects to the database with Perl DBI perl_dbi, which is the primary interface for database programming in Perl
  • Parses config.xml to convert into the SQL commands
  • Executes SQL query (select, create, update, delete, and so on)
  • Stores configurations
  • Stores installation status
  • Simplifies database queries ODA is implemented with the two Perl modules: and —-
  • Architecture
  • Maintenance of ODA