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Open Source Cluster Application Resources

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** Release features

  • Supported distributions[[BR]] Many of these distros are new for OSCAR, which shows that the infrastructure is now quite flexible. And the PS3 support is something quite unique, a big thanks to DongInn and Bernard for it!
  • OSCAR database (ODA):
    • Postgresql support
    • Code janitoring
  • New OSCAR Package format, using native distribution package formats
  • Ready to use the on-line repository

  • Quick install guide
    1. download the repo tarballs you are interested in. The tarballs are available [ here] [[BR]] For example:

    oscar-repo-common-rpms-5.1b1.tar.gz oscar-repo-rhel-5-x86_64-5.1b1.tar.gz

    1. unpack the tarballs:

    mkdir -p /tftpboot/oscar tar xzfC oscar-repo-common-rpms-.tar.gz /tftpboot/oscar/ tar xzfC oscar-repo-rhel-5-x86_64-.tar.gz /tftpboot/oscar/

    1. install yume (supposing yum is already there):
      yum install createrepo /tftpboot/oscar/common-rpms/yume*.rpm 

      Note: since yum is not available on RHEL4, you have to do this:

    cd /tftpboot/oscar/rhel-4-i386 rpm -ivh yum-oscar-2.4.3-1.noarch.rpm python-elementtree-1.2.6-6.1ef.i686.rpm
    python-urlgrabber-2.9.8-2ef.noarch.rpm ../common-rpms/yume-2.7-2.noarch.rpm

    1. set up the distro repository in /tftpboot/distro/… Look at this for instructions.
    2. install oscar-base rpm

    yume –repo /tftpboot/oscar/common-rpms install oscar-base

    1. start installation, for example:

    cd /opt/oscar env OSCAR_VERBOSE=3 ./install_cluster ETH_INTERFACE (ETH_INTERFACE is the cluster internal interface on the head node, e.g. eth0).

    • Repositories Instead of copying distro RPMs locally to the master node you can use online repositories: [oscar:5.1:install_guide:ch3.5_advanced_repo]