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Open Source Cluster Application Resources

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After one year of hard work, debugging, rewriting and testing we are proud to present: OSCAR 5.0

  1. Release features
    • smart package managers
    • yum based image build and package install
    • supporting multiple distros on the same cluster
    • repository based
    • easier client updating from repositories
    • simple update path for master, clients, images
    • new package and database structure, prepared for debian support
    • optimized and faster startups
    • new prerequisites handling
    • better pre-installation system configuration checking
    • more flexible OS detection framework * modular distribution tarballs, smaller downloads * Latest systemimager with many new features:
    • deployment monitoring
    • scalable bittorrent deployment
    • deployment kernel + UYOK (use your own kernel) * New and updated packages:
    • Open MPI 1.1.1
    • Maui 3.2.6p14 + Torque 2.0.0p8
    • SGE 6.0u8
    • LAM/MPI 7.1.2
    • MPICH 1.2.7
    • Ganglia 3.0.3
    • SC3: scalable C3 tools with image based addressing.
    • Netbootmgr: manages PXE boot behavior of nodes.
    • sync_files 2.4: handles user databases in heterogeneous clusters.
    • packman 2.8: package manager abstraction. Now uses smart tools like yum(e), (r)apt.
    • systeminstaller-oscar 2.3.1: uses packman abstraction to build images, i.e. yume, rapt, smart package managers.
    • systemconfigurator 2.2.7-12ef: post-install configurator framework. Added tools for selecting boot kernel and manipulating boot options. * management panel: single entry point for simple management tasks * …
  2. Quick install guide

    To get installation tarballs, see [Download Download page].

    • ’'’The OSCAR distribution’’’ comes in two OSCAR tarballs and a set of repository tarballs
      • ’'’oscar-base-5.0.tar.gz’’’: the base OSCAR tarball stripped of almost every binary packages (rpms)
      • ’'’oscar-srpms-5.0.tar.gz’’’: the SRPMS, you only need this if you want to rebuild rpms
      • ’'’oscar-repo-common-rpms-5.0.tar.gz’’’: repository of noarch rpms used on all supported distributions
      • ’'’oscar-repo-DISTRO-VERSION-ARCH-5.0.tar.gz’’’: repository of distro and architecture specific rpms.
    • Online documentation Is located at: []. The installation procedure of OSCAR 5 is quite different to that of previous versions. Please read the documentation!
    • OSCAR installation
      1. Download the oscar-base tarball. Unpack it in /opt. Rename the unpacked directory, if you want (e.g. /opt/oscar)
      2. In the unpacked directory execute as root the command:

    env OSCAR_HOME=pwd scripts/distro-query Remember the paths printed in the first two lines under "Distro repository". 1. Copy all RPMs of the master node's distribution into the directory /tftpboot/distro/DISTRO-VERSION-ARCH or /tftpboot/rpm. Check the table at the beginning of this page for the correct DISTRO-VERSION-ARCH combination for your distribution! 1. Download the oscar-repo-common-rpms and the oscar-repo-DISTRO-VER-ARCH tarballls suitable for the distribution(s). Unpack them in the directory /tftpboot/oscar/. 1. In the unpacked directory (e.g. /opt/oscar) execute: ./install_cluster ETH_INTERFACE (ETH_INTERFACE is the cluster internal interface on the head node, e.g. eth0).

    • Repositories Instead of copying RPMs locally to the master node you can use online repositories: [oscar:5.0:install_guide:ch3.5_advanced_repo]