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Building Process

Systeminstaller is available into the OSCAR svn repository under pkgsrc/systeminstaller-oscar/trunk.

In order to compile Systeminstaller, you need to execute perl Makefile.PL && make. Note that the building system for Systemimager is based on ExtUtils::MakeMaker. Therefore if you want to update the Makefile.PL, be sure you use the correct macros. For instance, do not make a direct reference to /usr/bin/pod2man, use the pod2man subroutine of the ExtUtils::MakeMaker Perl package. Another example, if you want to implement a new installation rule in the Makefile.PL file, be sure you use the variables that have DEST as prefix in order to avoid any issue during the building process.

Build .deb Packages

to create .deb packages, just check out sources, generate the Makefile (perl Makefile.PL) and execute make deb. Created packages are in /tmp/scdeb/ and the current created packages are systeminstaller-oscar and systeminstaller-oscar-x11.

Build RPM Packages

We should use make rpm.

Creation of the a New Release

Before to create new packages for systeminstaller-oscar, please update the version number into Makefile.PL, sin-oscar.spec and debian/control. Please also update the file debian/changelog (you may use the dch command for that).