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Management of multiple repositories for different architectures

RAPT-2.x implements a solution for the support of multiple repositories for multiple architecture (RAPT-1.x only supported a single architecture at a time). This idea is that each repo is actually an independent repo: those for a specific arch are only for this arch, and the one for common-debs is for all the architectures for which a specific arch is available. For instance, let’s say we have two arch-dependent repos: debian-4-x86_64 and debian-4-i386, and of course the common-debs repo. We generate repo meta-data as follow:

  • debian-4-x86_64 -> arch = amd64,
  • debian-4-i386 -> arch = i386,
  • common-debs -> arch = amd64, i386.

Of course, that implies that the code to generate repo meta-data is more complex for Debian, we scan for arch-dependent architectures. But it is not that difficult at the end.