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This perl module contains functions and variables for managing package repository path related things.


use OSCAR::PackagePath;

# return hash with available distro pools
%pools = list_distro_pools();

# path to OSCAR .url file specific to distro (OSCAR packages are here)
$oscar_url_file = oscar_urlfile($os);

# path to distro specific .url file (distro packages are here)
$os = distro_detect_or_die();

# list OSCAR repositories accessible for distro:
@repo_list = repos_list_urlfile($oscar_url_file);

# add a repository or more (add arguments)
repos_add_urlfile($oscar_url_file, "http://slurp/path");

# delete a repository or more
repos_del_urlfile($oscar_url_file, "http://blah/path");

Exported variables


Exported Function

  • list_distro_pools : build a hash containing all distros which are configured, i.e. all distros that have a .url file in /tftpboot/distro/. The hash primary key is the distro string. Subkeys are:
  • os: a reference to the distro‚Äôs detected $os structure.
  • oscar_repo: the oscar repositories configured for this distribution. Multiple repositories are separated by commas.
  • distro_repo: the distribution repositories configured for this distribution.
  • distro_repo_url :
  • oscar_repo_url
  • repo_empty
  • repos_list_urlfile
  • repos_add_urlfile
  • repos_del_urlfile
  • os_distro_string
  • os_cdistro_string
  • pkg_extension
  • pkg_separator
  • distro_detect_or_die