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Open Source Cluster Application Resources

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OSCAR Package Maintainers

The following is a list of OSCAR packages and their respective maintainers. The maintainer’s responsibility is to update the software on a regular basis and resolve any known building/operating issues on the various architecture platforms that OSCAR supports (namely x86, x86_64 and ia64):

OSCAR Package Maintainer Description
APITest Thomas Naughton, Olivier Lahaye Cluster installation test engine
BLCR (obsolete) Berkley Checkpoint Restart.
C3 Thomas Naughton, Olivier Lahaye Tool to run a command across compute nodes
Configurator Olivier Lahaye  
Env-switcher DongInn Kim module to switch across different MPI stacks
Ganglia Erich Focht, Olivier Lahaye Cluster web medtrics (load, jobs, …)
Jobmonarch Olivier Lahaye Cluster web job history listing (ganglia module)
Kernel-picker Olivier Lahaye  
LAM/MPI Not supported anymore Old MPI stack
Loghost Olivier Lahaye Configure head as syslog host (accept nodes logs)
MPICH Erich Focht an MPI stack
Maui DongInn Kim, Olivier Lahaye Smart job scheduler (mainly used with torque)
Naemon Olivier Lahaye Cluster health monitoring with web interface
NetBootMgr Erich Focht GUI to set node next PXE boot menu
Network-configurator Olivier Lahaye Part of OSCAR API
ODA DongInn Kim Oscar Database API
Open MPI DongInn Kim an MPI stack
Opium Olivier Lahaye SSH configuration for nodes
Opkgc Olivier Lahaye Oscar opkg distro package generator “compiler” (used by oscar-packager)
Orm Olivier Lahaye Oscar Repository Managfer
Oscar Olivier Lahaye Main OSCAR component
Oscar-installer   OSCAR offline install program from tarballs (obsolete)
Oscar-nat Thomas Naughto Manage OSCAR NAT tables. (currently broken)
Oscar-packager Olivier Lahaye Main OSCAR distro package builder.
PVM Thomas Naughton, Olivier Lahaye  
Packman Olivier Lahaye Package manager (abstraction layer over rpm/deb)
Pfilter broken? iptable configuration
Rapt Olivier Lahaye enhanced apt to deal with local oscar repositories (similar to yume for rpms)
SC3 Erich Focht, Olivier Lahaye enhanced C3 that can deal with subclusters.
SGE   Sun Grid Engine. currently broken.
SIS : systemiconfigurator Olivier Lahaye, Erich Focht Used to configure kernel+bootloader+network on imaged nodes. Now obsolete and only kept for perle API dependancies.
SIS : systemimager Olivier Lahaye Client/Server software used to deploy nodes thru PXE.
SIS : systeminstaller Olivier Lahaye, Erich Focht Set of scripts to create and configure images for systemimager.
Selector Olivier Lahaye OSCAR components selection GUI
Slurm Olivier Lahaye Modern job queue manager and scheduler with accounting.
Sync_files Olivier Lahaye cron scripts to keep files in sync across compute nodes.
System-update Olivier Lahaye Manage OS updates across cluster
TORQUE Olivier Lahaye job batch queue manager (includes a primitive scheduler that is best replaced with Maui)
Yume   Yum enhanced able to deal with oscar local repos (similar to rapt for debs)