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This page contains information about the basic testing procedures for OSCAR.

Currently there are two types of tests in OSCAR:

  • Post installation tests – these tests are run at the end of an OSCAR install
  • Internal/Infrastructure tests – these are tests primarily used by developers

Also, there is a basic “check list” that is available that outlines some Required and Optional tests that are to be performed when doing OSCAR testing (especially in preparation for a release). This check list is available in the code repository under at testing/oscar-testing.txt,


A tester should be able to edit this file during a test, save the results and post success/errors/warning details on the oscar-devel mailing list.

Post installation tests

These tests are performed at the end of the OSCAR install and are driven by a top-level script in the testing/ directory:


This script runs two forms of tests, privledged tests run as the root user and non-privledged tests run as a standard users oscartst (which is created by the test_cluster script). There is a pretty-print script called testprint that is used by this driver to help format the output.

The driver script performs a few hardcoded tests (NFS mounts, etc.) and then walks over the various OSCAR packages that have been installed running any tests they provide. The recognized tests that an OSCAR Package may provide are (__ is the OSCAR package Directory):

  <OPKG_DIR>/testing/test_user Note, these two scripts may written in any language but must be executable.  

Additionally, there are tests that an OSCAR Package can provide that use the APITest tool. This tool uses and XML markup to describe the tests or batches of tests that should be performed. These tests may leverage the more advanced test harness offered by APITest. See below for further details about writing APITests.

The driver script recognizes two tests for OSCAR Packages that are run using APITest:


Internal/Infrastructure tests

There are a few internal tests that are used to check the OSCAR infrastructure. These are located in the top-level testing directory,


Currently, much work needs to be done in this area. See the README.testing file for further details.

APITest Overview

The APITest package was developed by William McLendon at Sandia National Labs. It is included as a core package with OSCAR. The APITest User’s Guide is included with the package. There are also examples available with APITest, which as of apitest-1.0.0-12 are available in the /usr/share/doc/apitest/examples/ directory. There are also some simple examples in the current PVM package that is included with OSCAR under, [_/packages/pvm/testing/_](

There are two types of APITest test files:

  • simple tests (*.apt), and
  • batch tests (*.apb).

The simple tests can be a simple command, or a script of multiple commands and a few other interesting things (see the manual). The general idea is that these tests should be small and do one thing. Then you can organize these small tests into batches that can have dependencies and ordering where APITest manages the ordering/exeuction.
Therefore you can build more complex testing scenarios and deal with success or failure with further tests accordingly.