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Open Source Cluster Application Resources

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How to use OSCAR Github repository ?

Before you begin, it is strongly recommended that you take a few moments to look over the github guide line Github Guides. It is a valuable resource whether you are a long time programmer or just getting started.

The OSCAR Github Code Repository supports anonymous cloning. However, to commit your code in, you will need to create a github account and join our project. To create a github account, please refer to the link. To request for an access to the oscar-cluster project, please email us at oscar-devel.

You will need a Git to clone our codes.

Let’s try to check codes out…

For cloning the oscar github repository, the command is:

  • By using SSH

     % git clone
  • By using HTTPS

     % git clone
  • Previous versions are available here. After you have successfully checked the code out, to install OSCAR, please refer to the install guide.