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Port to a New Linux Distribution

WARNING, this documentation will work only for OSCAR-6.x

1. 1st of All, you need to add support for this distro in OSCAR svn files

  • oscar/share/etc/supported_distros.txt
  • oscar/lib/OSCAR/OCA/OS_Detect/*
  • oscar/lib/OSCAR/OCA/OS_Settings/*
  • oscar/lib/OSCAR/
  • oscar/oscarsamples/*
  • oscar/share/package_sets/*
  • pkgsrc/oda/trunk/etc/*.cfg

And optionally, if a new packaging system or/and a new package format is to be supported: (like urpmi or .pkg)

  • oscar/lib/OSCAR/
  • oscar/lib/OSCAR/
  • oscar/lib/OSCAR/
  • oscar/lib/OSCAR/OCA/OS_Detect/
  • oscar/lib/OSCAR/OCA/
  • oscar/lib/OSCAR/
  • oscar/lib/OSCAR/
  • oscar/lib/OSCAR/
  • oscar/lib/OSCAR/ (deprecated?)
  • oscar/scripts/install_prereq
  • oscar/Makefile # For make rpm or make deb…
  • pkgsrc/packman/trunk/lib/.pm
  • pkgsrc/opkgc/*
  • pkgsrc/oscar-packager/*
  • All pkgsrc that have a Makefile with a rule to build the package like make deb or make rpm.

2. Then you need to bootstrap oscar-packager

For this document, we will assume you want to port trunk. To port OSCAR to a new Linux distribution perform the following steps:

On a yum based distro, you can use the following Quick start guide / script: DevelNewDistro

For other distro, you can try to follow the procedure below: (not up to date) 1. Check-out oscar-packager: * svn co oscar_packager 1. As root, install it on your system: ‘‘cd oscar_packager; make install’’. 1. Please read the README file and follow instructions. 1. As root, package the OSCAR core: ‘‘oscar-packager –core unstable –debug’’. All the binary packages should be saved in the ‘‘/ftpboot/oscar/'' directory. 1. As root, package the included OSCAR packages: ''oscar-packager --core unstable --debug''. All the binary packages should be saved in the ''/ftpboot/oscar/'' directory.

Please, if you package OSCAR for a Linux distribution that is not yet officially supported by OSCAR, please contact OSCAR developers to share your packages and get some help from the community to maintain them.