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OSCAR Configuration Files


OSCAR aims to be “installed” in two different ways: (i) directly on the system (not using OSCAR_HOME), and (ii) continuing to use a single directory to host the OSCAR code (OSCAR_HOME), which directory is identified with the OSCAR_HOME environment variable (usefull when checking SVN code out and testing).

Note that if the OSCAR_HOME environment variable is set, even if OSCAR is installed directly on the system, only the code in OSCAR_HOME should be used.

To be able to deal with the two situations, configuration files are slowly introduced into OSCAR. The main OSCAR configuration file is /etc/oscar/oscar.conf. For the creation of such a configuration file, a template is available: It is possible to automatically generate a configuration, based on this template, using the oscar-config script: oscar-config –generate-config-file. For those how are still using OSCAR with the OSCAR_HOME environment variable, the configuration file will be created a way everything should transparently work. If you install OSCAR directly in the system, you may need to update the /etc/oscar/oscar.conf file.


To install the configuration files from SVN sources directly into the system, simply execute the make install command in the $(OSCAR_HOME)/share directory.