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Open Source Cluster Application Resources

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OSCAR-6.0 is out!

This version provides the latest modifications which will ease future developments. On the roadmap, we already plan to include many project on which students worked during the summer 2008, including a benchmarking framework, a monitoring framework, and mechanisms to deal with specific NFS configuration. This version will also be a good base for bug fixes.

Remember that this version does not provide yet all the capabilities OSCAR were used to provide. For this version, we focused on the implementation of a stable OSCAR core and cleaning up; which should allow us to move forward.

Right now, OSCAR-6.x supports only RHEL/CentOS 5 for both x86 and x86_64 in a production environment. The support of Debian systems is still experimental since we found a critical bug in opkgc (which should be fixed shortly).

OSCAR-6.0 is available via our YUM/APT on-line repositories. For more details about how to use those repositories, please refer to The next version of OSCAR-6.x will be available via the same repositories, providing an easy way to update OSCAR.