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Open Source Cluster Application Resources

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We have a good news this month: an new alpha version of OSCAR-5.2, the second one, is available (note that this is still a snapshot of trunk). This version supports both Debian based systems (i.e., Debian 4.0, ubuntu-7.10, and ubuntu 8.04) and RPM based system (i.e., CentOS-5 i386, CentOS-5 x86_64, RHEL-5 i386, and RHEL-5 x86_64)!

From now, we just need to test this version to be able to release OSCAR-5.2. Also note that this version only includes OSCAR core, OSCAR packages will be included later, following users’ needs.

To test this version, report to the following link []. We need help for testing, in order to validate the new version based on different configurations (both hardware and software). If you want to help us, just send your bug report on the oscar-devel mailing list (you do not even need to try to debug OSCAR, just send the raw logs).